Our Meeting

Our Meeting

Oswestry Quakers

Religious Society of Friends

We have about twenty Friends (as we call ourselves) regularly coming to Meeting.

At the moment we have no children's meeting, but we would be happy to welcome families, with enough advance notice.

Our activities include discussion groups (topics vary from spiritual growth to social concern), study days, shared meals, outings, garden party and visiting Friends in their own homes.  We also get involved with the activities of groups like the local Peace Group and Oswestry Equality Group.

Above all, we are a community, whether sharing our deepest thoughts or cake we have baked!

Our meeting room is equipped with a Hearing Loop system.

Last time at Oswestry Meeting House” :  Dorothy Needham


"Since I joined the Quakers as a member in 2006, having been visited by Carol Williams and Nigel Worth from Ruthin, many Friends have come and gone. Ted Cadbury, Sidney and Jean Greaves, and the Lanes, Victor and Caroline, were all part of the Meeting.  There was Nancy Beasley, (died 2005), who had helped established the Shropshire branch of the Hardy Plants Society; Eric and Helen Jones from Guilsfield who had run a Nursery before retiring.  George Beswick who came to us from Colwyn Bay to live near his daughter.  He was very laid back in facing his declining health.  Eventually he had to transfer to a ward in Chirk hospital.  I was very impressed on going to see him, he told us that he didn’t expect to have more than three weeks on this Earth.  He looked Death straight in the eye.  That, in my book, requires a lot of courage and self confidence (2010).  His wife had been very keen on the poems of Evelyn Underhill.

Pat Sharpe, the erstwhile wife of a Methodist minister, left Oswestry to establish a Meeting in an old chapel beside a stream on the edge of Guilsfield.  Here I first visited a Meeting.  I used to go to back Laura who was their Elder.  When Pat became stricken with cancer, Friends tried to keep the Meeting alive.  Eventually numbers fell to make it impractical and the remaining Friends and attenders decided to lay the Meeting down.  That’s when I first came to Oswestry on a regular basis.

Among other friends remembered from Oswestry : Judy Emmett, Henry Williams, Wyn Stokes, Wyn Corrin, Viv and Mike, Kath Shaljean, Peter White."

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