About Quakerism

About Quakerism

George Fox is widely regarded as the founder of the Quaker movement in the 17th century.

Fox believed that God could directly speak to everyone without the need for churches or priests.  He set out to spread his message, along the way recruiting others who were seeking a faith which gave purpose to their lives. This faith was rooted in Christianity.

Nowadays Quakers do not subscribe to any set of beliefs or creed, Christian or otherwise.  We welcome all, whether they are traditional Christians, belong to another faith or indeed none.  We think every religion has an aspect of truth in it and regard ourselves as seekers who are on a continuous journey of spiritual discovery.

To Quakers, the inspiration we seek in our shared silence is not for its own sake, but needs to lead to action in the world.  We call this our 'Testimony' which takes several forms, i.e. our Testimonies to Equality, Peace, Simplicity, Truth and Integrity, and our latest - Concern for the Environment.

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